I’ll keep today’s content succinct; short and to the point.

This top myth is somehow still very much alive today. I was actually visiting with family this weekend for my wife’s birthday and found out that my brother had been going to a chiropractor who was telling him this. It’s simply untrue, and even if somehow we can become misaligned, do you think that means we have to have pain? Just look at scoliosis and other excessively stressed joints that isn’t causing symptoms to people. We know that the posture argument isn’t holding up anymore, so why is this still around? (Past Blog Posts)

Also imagine how many plays we would get through watching football if everyone was popping their bones out of place every time they got hit. If your provider thinks they can somehow magically reduce your joints to put them back into place with their hands and a table, you don’t think every contact sport athlete wouldn’t be wobbling around?

“A US study and a Swedish study found that leg length discrepancy of ≥ 1 cm was present in one third of the populations”

“The multifactorial complexity of back pain is well known and in most cases no single causative factor can be identified. Numerous studies have evaluated potential risk factors for back pain, but leg length discrepancy was not identified as a factor promoting the development of back pain in any of these studies”

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I tried to clean up some explanation gaps and provided some dry needling to his low back, which helped to knock out the sharp pain that was forcing him to brace his knees when trying to stand up. (When should I be scared or worried about my back pain?)

I’ve never met a lost cause when it comes to practicing physical therapist, and I’ve never met anyone that I thought would need my hands 2x/week forever to live a pain-free life. If you feel like that’s what you’ve been sold on then I strongly urge you to schedule a free discovery visit with me and let’s dig into your case a little more.