YES! Absolutely, YES!

Physical Therapists are Doctorate trained and have great knowledge in clearing red flags. In fact, if your physical therapist isn’t screening for red flags and asking questions, taking vitals then that’s not therapy. It’s definitely not safe therapy.

When it comes to the body, we’re extremely resilient, even though we bend, break and get screwed back together. Physical Therapists have been trained to determine musculoskeletal problems level of severity and management – whether that’s refer out, refer plus treatment or treatment only. In fact, there was a study done to determine how well prepared we are for this task and look at the results:

“Experienced physical therapists had higher levels of knowledge in managing musculoskeletal conditions than medical students, physician interns and residents, and all physician specialists except for orthopedists. Physical therapist students enrolled in doctoral degree educational programs achieved significantly higher scores than their peers enrolled in master’s degree programs. Furthermore, experienced physical therapists who were board-certified in orthopedic or sports physical therapy achieved significantly higher scores and passing rates than their non board-certified colleagues.”

Here’s the full text

With that said, you can easily call us the back pain doctor, knee pain doctor, shoulder pain doctor, neck pain doctor and any other sprain or strain relief provider.

Our #1goal at Movement Theory Physical Therapy and Wellness is to keep our patients and clients safe. We are determined to provide optimal care and that means taking all necessary precautions with our valued members LIFE.

We would love to see you if you’ve recently hurt yourself, know someone who has, or just want to talk about what we are able to treat. We look forward to hearing from you.  If you’re looking for some relief for any tmj pain or jaw discomfort, usually jaw pain on one side that sometimes includes ear pain too. Knee guides, sciatica, stiff lower back or middle back pain, shoulder pain.