Movement Theory Physical Therapy and Wellness was born from the idea that our bodies need to move more and our healthcare system in general is failing us. Dr. Jarred Tobin PT, DPT formed Movement Theory in December of 2021after a grueling couple of years working full-time with insurances. The re-emerging pattern, day in and day out, was that they simply didn’t care about the patients in front of me. They would deny coverage/authorization for patient’s for what seemed like zero reason, I can still think of a few that haunt me to this day; one case was a young man, about 21, who was paralyzed from the waist down from a gunshot wound. He wasn’t able to transfer to his bed, bathroom or anywhere except for his wheelchair and a blow-up mattress on the floor. This meant he wasn’t able to use the bathroom like a dignified human and was also forced to get “hosed down,” weather permit, outside because he couldn’t get into the bathroom. Insurance denied him saying it wasn’t medically necessary that he get services. Another lady was post-operative from a rather gruesome fracture of the forearm who after 2 months, was still unable to make a complete fist, again, insurance said, “close enough” and denied the rest of our visits leaving this woman either stuck without full function or having to pay the rest of her services out of pocket.

Queue Movement Theory, I was sick of being told what was supposed to be best for “my patients” by someone who has 1. never even met this person, and 2. has no clinical education in physical therapy. The other big issue I saw with accepting insurance was the unexpected costs that came to patients’ months after services have been rendered. This forced awkward conversations between provider and client, ultimately damaging the relationship or forcing the business to take a financial loss, which is not the best practice for longevity. With Movement Theory our prices are flat rate and if you have insurance, you can submit a receipt for reimbursement. Our primary customers are uninsured or those looking for a flex/HSA/shared services provider, with our relationship being non-existent with any insurance we can perform whatever services we deem medically necessary and ultimately give you the best care imaginable, we are also not forced to inflate costs to pay for support staff to help us juggle multiple patients at a time; we are purely 1:1 unless you specifically joined a group/couples class/session.

Movement Theory Physical Therapy and Wellness has been put on the trajectory of changing what quality physical therapy is in the DFW metroplex and is really about empowering our local community through movement and education to help get them back to what matters most to them. If you’re local to the area and are looking for a performance therapist who will listen to you, don’t hesitate to reach out, call/text or email.

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